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The bibliographical database contains journal articles which present methodological work on or empirical applications of configurational comparative methods (CCMs). Empirical applications are considered to be publications whose primary focus is on a substantive question rather than on methodological aspects. Methodological publications, in contrast, focus on technical or epistemological questions, although they may use empirical data for illustrative purposes. Agenda-setting articles introduce a method to a particular research area.

There are no restrictions in terms of language or area of research. Updates are made regularly, but it is impossible for us to keep track of all publications. Any notification regarding recently published work of the type listed in this database is therefore most welcome, ideally together with an electronic version, and possibly data or other replication material. "Online first" articles will be recorded, but only included in the database once fully published with bibliographical information.

We seek to ensure that entries meet some minimum quality standards (peer review, professional editing, etc.), but we generally do not select on merit. Nor do we control for double publications (publications of substantively the same material in different journals). We invite users to replicate findings and use data for reanalysis or teaching purposes. When raw or set data is available for an entry, it is indicated below the abstract by green box links, and provided as a comma-separated value file (csv). There are currently 162 calibrated data sets and 19 raw data sets available. Data files may look slightly different from their corresponding tables in the original publication in order to make them suitable for direct software import. If a replication script is available, it is indicated by a yellow box link. Please note that no file comes with any warranty of correctness.

Please also note that some publications may fit more than one category, but each publication has only been assigned to its primary category. For example, if you are looking for evaluations in public health, you may want to check "Health Research & Policy" and "Evaluation". If you use material provided in the COMPASSS bibliographical database, please acknowledge this in your work.


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