Introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Taught by Peer Fiss, Univ. of Southern California
Wednesday, April 6, 2022, 10am–3pm

This one-day hybrid workshop provides a ground-up introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and fuzzy sets. Designed for those who are new to QCA or wish to refresh their knowledge, participants will receive intensive instruction and hands-on experience with the fs/QCA software package. The goal of the workshop is to enable you to begin designing and executing research projects using the set-analytic approach. Lunch is included. Access to the workshop is included in the AQCA registration fee.

PEER FISS is the Jill and Frank Fertitta Chair and Professor of Management & Organization and Sociology at the University of Southern California. His research interests include organization theory, framing, and social categorization. He has been working for two decades on the use of set-analytic methods in the social sciences, and specifically on the use of fuzzy set QCA. He has published widely in fields such as management, sociology, political science, and information systems. His recent book with Charles Ragin, entitled Intersectional Inequality: Race, Class, Test Scores, and Poverty (University of Chicago Press, 2017) uses a set-analytic approach to examine the different ways in which advantages versus disadvantages combine to affect social inequality.