Introducing AQCA Workshops

A new feature of the AQCA conference is the option for participants to organize workshops on the Wednesday before the conference starts. These will allow those with specific interests to organize a small workshop, typically about 5 to 15 participants, on a specific QCA-related topic.

The topics for these workshops are quite flexible and can be methodology-related, focused on a particular substantive research area, serve as a research team meeting, etc. The only strict requirement is that it be QCA-related. Workshop proposals must be approved by the conference organizers.

The workshops are self-organized. That is, they are not organized by the program committee of the conference but by you, as QCA scholars and practitioners who want to focus on a particular topic. We will provide a room for the workshop and lunch. We are available to answer logistical questions but all other organizational responsibilities lie with the workshop organizers.

Submit your proposed workshop via the AQCA conference website under the submission category “Roundtables” (we will hopefully have a specific category for “Workshops” by the time you apply). Proposals should be a one or two paragraph summary of the purpose of the workshop, its connection to QCA, and a proposed list of participants. We strongly recommend that you secure a commitment from the proposed participants to participate.

Other things of note:

  • Workshops can be half-day or full-day. When proposing a half-day workshop, please let us know if you would prefer morning or afternoon and how strong this preference is. The program committee will work with the workshop organizers regarding scheduling.
  • Workshops will overlap with the QCA training sessions offered by AQCA, so it may be that participation can only be in one or the other.
  • Workshops can be exclusively in-person, exclusively virtual, or hybrid. If you have a virtual component to your workshop, AQCA can only provide limited technical support, including providing internet access for in-person participants. Ultimately, workshop organizers are responsible for any technology-related requirements for participation.
  • All workshop workshops must register for the conference itself. There is no additional fee, however, for participating in a workshop.
  • As the workshop organizer, you retain full control over admission and participation; workshops are invitation-only.
  • Workshops will be listed as part of the official program for the conference and hence can be used locally for purposes of fundraising or reimbursement.

We look forward to your proposals and to seeing you for AQCA 2025 at LSU!