Registration fees and travel/lodging info for AQCA2024

The third annual QCA Conference of the Americas will be held in March 2024 at Northwestern University in Chicago. Registrations fees have been posted (we’ve kept the fees the same as last year) and registration will open soon.

We’ve also posted information on traveling to Northwestern, along with the link for booking at Hyatt House Chicago/Evanston, the official conference hotel.

See the following link for complete details: AQCA2024 homepage

Charles Ragin on “Dual Calibration”

Charles Ragin has published a research note on dual calibration, a heretofore undocumented function in the fs/QCA software. Dual calibration applies the direct method but uses four threshold values, allowing one to construct two fuzzy sets from a single variable, simultaneously calibrating “high-X versus not-high-X” and “low-X versus not-low-X.”

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