Facebook Group

The Facebook group “Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Sets” is more than a social media community about QCA. The group provides a venue where QCA researchers at any stage of their analysis can post questions and get targeted feedback regarding their on-going research. A lively and active group, it is moderated by leading QCA experts and members of COMPASSS. To join the group, just log into your Facebook account and send the request to become a member.


Many members of the COMPASSS community are active on Twitter. Search for “qualitative comparative analysis” and the hashtag #QCA.

Mailing Lists and Forums

  • The COMPASSS Mailing List is a low-traffic mailing list that distributes the COMPASSS newsletter and news of interest to the broader CCM community. If you have something that might be of interest to the target audience of the newsletter, but does not match any of the sections on the website, please email Benoît Rihoux to see whether your item would be appropriate for the newsletter.
  • In political science and sociology, QUAL-COMPARE, managed by Wendy Olsen (University of Manchester).
  • In management and organization studies, Qualitative Comparative Analysis Net (Connect@AOM), managed by Peer Fiss (University of Southern California).
  • QCA forum (emphasis on R package):

Comparative Methods for Systematic Cross-Case Analysis