Goertz’s Social Science Concepts and Measurement Available for Pre-Order

Gary Goertz’s (Univ. of Notre Dame) Social Science Concepts and Measurement is now available for pre-order from Princeton University Press, Amazon.com, and all major booksellers. The text is a completely updated and revised edition of his Social Science Concepts: A User’s Guide (2005).

Also of note is that Professor Goertz has developed a set of hundreds of exercises for his methods books, including this text. If you would like a copy of these exercises to use in your class, you may email him at <ggoertz@nd.edu>.

COMPASSS Newsletter

I have temporarily hidden the link for subscribing to the COMPASSS newsletter, as I am moving us to a new software package. Once the new system is set up, I’ll restore the link.

Forthcoming Short Course on Combining NCA & QCA

From Jan Dul (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus Univ):
This year’s online summercourse on Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) offered by Erasmus Research Institute of Management, Rotterdam, Netherlands is fully booked. Because we had to disappoint many researchers including QCA researchers, we decided to organize in the next few months some a few specialized webinars or short courses about specific NCA topics. One of them will be on combining NCA with QCA. We will discuss differences between NCA and QCA and how NCA can enrich QCA. Please let us know if you are interested by sending an email to nca.communication@erim.eur.nl. As soon as more information is available we will inform you personally about the details.

Comparative Methods for Systematic Cross-Case Analysis