Proposed QCA workshop at First International Environmental Peacebuilding Conference

Tobia Ide (Georg Eckert Institute, Germany) <> is organizing a training workshop on QCA at the First International Environmental Peacebuilding Conference, to be held at the University of California, Irvine from October 23 to 25 2019. This workshop would serve two main goals. First, it will provide a brief introduction into the method of QCA. In this context, the main principles and steps of a QCA will be explained and illustrated with examples from environmental security research. Second, scholars are invited to bring their own project ideas and papers for discussion and feedback by experienced QCA users.

Scholars with experience in using QCA to study the relationship between the environment, conflict, and peace are invited to contribute, for instance by presenting their own research or by giving a brief introduction into a specific aspect of QCA. If interested, please see the call for participants and contact Dr. Ide by February 8.