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Peer Fiss Receives Named Chair

Peer Fiss (Marshall School of Business, Univ. of Southern California) has been appointed as the Jill and Frank Fertitta Chair in Business Administration. As noted in the announcement of his appointment, special mention was made of Peer’s many innovative contributions to the development of QCA, particularly within the field of management research. We congratulate Peer on this honor!

Best Papers of the 3rd International QCA Paper Development Workshop

The 3rd International QCA Paper Development Workshop, held on the 11th and 12th of December at ETH Zürich, introduced awards for the best working papers accepted to the workshop. A collaboration between the workshop organizers and COMPASSS, we are excited to recognize the outstanding work produced by these scholars and are grateful for the efforts of members of the COMPASSS Awards Committee, who completed the review and selection process under a tight deadline:

  • Konan Seny Kan (University of Otago)
  • Karina Kosmukhambetova (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  • Seraphine Maerz (Central European University)
  • Sofia Pagliarin (University of Bamberg)
  • Martyna Swiatczak (German University of Administrative Sciences, Speyer)
  • Claudius Wagemann, chair (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Best Paper

Remco Siebelink and Erwin Hofman (Twente University) in recognition of the paper “Individual Cognitive Capabilities, Strategy Tools, and their Impact on Strategic-Option Generation: Toward a Configurational Perspective”


Seohee Kwak (Erasmus University Rotterdam) in recognition of the paper “Causal Paths between Protest and State’s Repressive Response: Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Public Protests in Vietnam”

Adélie Ranville (Grenoble Ecole de Management) in recognition of the paper “Participation Patterns and Drivers of Participation to the Governance in New Cooperative: The Case of an Energy Cooperative in France”

Carsten Schneider and Kristin Makszin win article of the year award

This year, the 2014 Article of the Year Award of the journal Socio-Economic Review was given to Carsten Schneider and Kristin Makszin for their article “Forms of Welfare Capitalism and Education-Based Participatory Inequality, Socio-Economic Review 12(2): 437-462″. In this article, QCA is used to analyze whether the degree of political inequality between social groups is shaped by features of the welfare capitalist system. We congratulate the authors!

Patrick Mello wins best dissertation award

This year, the German Political Science Association has awarded its price for the best dissertation to Patrick Mello for his book Democratic Participation in Armed Conflict. Military Involvement in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In this work, QCA is used to answer the question of when democracies participate in military operations, and under which conditions they abstain. Please see our Books section for more details. We congratulate Patrick on this great achievement!