Best Paper Award

2022 Recipients

The winners of the Best Paper Award 2022 are Katharina Agethen (TH OWL University of Applied Sciences & Arts) and Luc Sandfort (Universität Paderborn) for their paper: “Who Takes the Lead? A Configurational Approach to Emergent Leadership and Team Performance in Short-Term, Virtual Teams”.

The runner-up prize went to Niklas Dreymann (University of Göttingen), Suleika Bort (University of Passau), and Indre Maurer (University of Göttingen) for their paper: “The Different Paths to Innovation Performance: A Longitudinal Configurational Approach to the R&D Alliance Portfolio Development of New Firms”.

2021 Recipients

The winners of the best paper award 2021 are Sho Niikawa (Kobe University) and Airo Hino (Waseda University) for their paper: “Time-Differencing Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): A Set Theoretical Development”.

The runner-up prize went to Madeleine Meurer (EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht) and Matthias Waldkirch (EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht) for their paper: “Configurations of Digital Entrepreneurial Identity: Drivers of Uncivility in Digital Spaces”.

2020 Recipients

The winners of the best paper award 2020 are Cheng Chen (Sun Yat-sen University) and Bin Chen (The City University of New York) for their paper: “To Reverse or To Continue Contracting-Out? A Configurational Approach to Political Transaction Costs in the Institutional Choice of Public Service Delivery”.

The runner-up prize went to Robin Chang (Technical University of Dortmund) and Lasse Gerrits (Erasmus University Rotterdam) for their paper: “What stabilizes temporary use? A qualitative comparative analysis of 40 temporary use cases”.

2019 Recipients

The recipients of the best paper award 2019 are Remco Siebelink (Twente University) and Erwin Hofman (Twente University) in recognition for the paper: “Individual Cognitive Capabilities, Strategy Tools, and their Impact on Strategic-Option Generation: Toward a Configurational Perspective”.

The two runner-up recipients are Seohee Kwak (Erasmus University Rotterdam) in recognition for the paper: “Causal Paths Between Protest and State´s Repressive Response: Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Public Protests in Vietnam” and Adélie Ranville (Grenoble Ecole de Management) in recognition for the paper: “Participation Patterns and Drivers of Participation to the Governance in New Cooperatives: The Case of an Energy Cooperative in France”.