We are offering three different workshop formats.

  1. The International QCA Expert Workshop
    This workshop takes place in November-December in Zurich. It was the first workshop of the International QCA Workshop Series and started in 2013. The Expert Workshop focuses almost exclusively on methodological and conceptual advances around QCA. During this workshop experienced QCA researchers can discuss the latest and most important developments around QCA. It takes place in a small group setting to allow for active participation among researchers with diverse academic backgrounds. Therefore, the number of participants is limited and participation is by invitation only.

    To find out more about the Expert Workshop, click here.

  2. The International QCA Paper Development Workshop
    This workshop also takes place in November-December in Zurich. The PDW first took place in 2017. Within the framework of this workshop researchers working on papers involving QCA can meet QCA experts, get feedback on their on-going research, and learn about the latest methodological developments in QCA. It is an interactive workshop and centers on roundtable discussions but also offers participants insights into empirical designs, handling reviews, and using QCA software packages. Participation is through responding to a Call for Abstracts.

    To find out more about the PDW Workshop, click here.

  3. The International QCA Summer Workshop
    This workshop takes place in May-June at chancing locations. It was organized for the first time in May 2018 at the Universitiy of Wuppertal, followed by the workshops at the University of Antwerp in 2019. The Summer Workshop provides a platform for empirical but also conceptual work on QCA. It addresses an emerging theme in the methodological and/or applied QCA literature.

    To find out more about the Summer Workshop, click here.