Previous Workshops

The International QCA Workshop Series has started in 2013 with the first International QCA Expert Workshop in Zurich. Experienced scholars who apply and/or develop QCA in their daily work and come from different disciplines were and still are one target group of the Expert workshop. The second target group of the expert workshop were early career scholars who work like their experienced colleagues on innovative applications and methodological development of QCA and set theoretic methods. The aim of the Expert Workshop was to connect established and early career scholars from different disciplines.

In 2017 we for the first time organized a workshop (The International QCA Paper Development Workshop) that focusses on a different target group: Scholars who apply QCA for the first time in a research, consulting or evaluation project. The organization of a workshop that addresses the need of these researchers and connects them with experienced scholars is a response to the feedback we received during the previous versions of the International QCA Expert Workshop. Participants suggested to increase the number of participants in future version of the workshop and to include more early career scholars, especially those who work for the first time on a project with QCA.  To keep the spirit of an interactive event like the Expert Workshops and to include more young researchers, we organized a workshop that is especially tailored to the need of scholars who apply QCA for the first time.

In May 2018 we organized for the first time the International QCA Summer Workshop. This workshop differs from the previous two workshops in that it addresses a wider audience, established QCA scholars, experiences early career scholars and scholars working on the first QCA project and provides an opportunity to interact and collaborate. The Summer Workshops address an emerging theme in the methodological and/or applied QCA literature. The theme for the 2018 Summer Workshop was: Developing a multi-method, set-theoretic toolbox for impactful research in the social sciences, and the workshop especially focused on multi-/mixed methods applications with QCA.

Here’s the full list of all previous workshops: