7th International QCA Expert Workshop 2019

The 7th International QCA Expert Workshop (ETH Zurich, 10/11 December 2019) provides a venue for experienced QCA researchers to discuss the latest and most important developments around QCA. The workshop focuses exclusively on methodological and conceptual advances around QCA, not on applications of QCA in empirical research. We expect all participants to actively participate in the program. In order to allow for active participation among researchers with diverse academic backgrounds, the number of participants is limited. If you’re working on a project which you think might fit to the workshop, please contact Johannes Meuer.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The 7th International QCA Expert Workshop will take place before the Paper Development Workshop. Please note that because the Expert Workshop serves a different purpose, targets a different audience, and – for these reasons – is purposefully limited in the number of participants, participation in the 7th International QCA Expert Workshop is by invitation only. If you are applying QCA in one of your research projects, please find more information about the International QCA Paper Development Workshop here.