4th International QCA Expert Workshop 2016

With the 4th International QCA Expert Workshop we build on the workshops of the past three years in bringing together around 40 researchers working with QCA across and beyond the neighboring areas of political sciences, sociology, management, and economics. By providing a forum for cross-disciplinary exchange, the 4th International QCA Expert Workshop encourages the dissemination of new ideas, facilitate the promotion of innovative work, and create opportunities for scientific collaboration.

The 4th International QCA Expert Workshop takes place on 7-8 December, 2016 at the University of Zurich. Our preliminary program comprises two keynote addresses by Prof. Gary Goertz (Dept. of Political Science, University of Notre Dame) and Prof. Peer Fiss (Marshall Business School, University of Southern California), two sessions on methodological developments, and four sessions with innovative empirical QCA studies. A hands-on session with recent developments in QCA software and two working group sessions round up the program.

For more information about the workshop please contact one of the organizers: