International QCA Summer Workshop 2018

May 28-30, 2018 at the University of Wuppertal

The International QCA Summer Workshop 2018 offers a platform for QCA researchers in the political sciences, sociology, management, and economics and provides a forum for cross-disciplinary exchange. The International QCA Summer Workshop encourages the dissemination of new ideas, facilitates the promotion of innovative work, and creates opportunities for scientific collaboration.

picture by Sebastian Jarych

The theme of this workshop is: Developing a multi-method, set-theoretic toolbox for impactful research in the social sciences. With this Call for Abstracts we invite submissions from researchers who work on methodological developments of QCA, apply QCA empirically or do both. We especially encourage submissions that develop or apply methodological combinations with and around QCA. The call is also open for submissions that do not explicitly focus on multi-method applications of QCA but instead contain innovative applications and/or methodological developments of QCA. Although we expect submissions to come primarily from the areas of political science, sociology, management, and economics, we encourage submissions with other methodological, theoretical, or empirical orientations.

The workshop faculty includes among others the following internationally renowned QCA scholars with substantive experience in using, developing, and teaching QCA:

  • Bart Cambré, Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp
  • Adrian Dușa, Department of Sociology, University of Bucharest
  • Peer Fiss, Marshall Business School, University of Southern California
  • Santi Furnari, Cass Business School, City University London
  • Thomas Greckhamer, E. J. Ourso College of Business, Louisiana State University
  • Martin Schneider, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, University of Paderborn
  • Eva Thomann, Department of Politics, University of Exeter

Submission Procedure

We invite the submission of extended abstracts of 1000-1500 words. To participate in the workshop, please send your submission document to Christian Rupietta ( by April 6, 2018. For empirical research, you should be able to present your research question, data, and first results by the time of the workshop.

One of the strengths of the International QCA Summer Workshop its small number of participants, which allows for in-depth discussions and personal interaction. In order to maintain this, we limit the number of research presentations. At the same time, we will work to be flexible in our scheduling depending on the number of submissions we receive. We will notify applicants no later than April 13, 2018 about opportunities to participate.

Workshop Format

The International QCA Summer Workshop will last for two and a half days (May 28-30, 2018). Depending on the number of accepted submissions, we will schedule presentation sessions and roundtable discussions. To emphasize the multi-disciplinary background of QCA, each session will combine contributions from different disciplinary backgrounds or from researchers with different experience levels. The sessions will focus on distinct methodological combinations such as combinations of QCA with quantitative methods or combinations of QCA with qualitative methods. Moreover, each presenter will receive individual feedback from a designated discussant. Additionally, faculty members will provide topical presentations on software, getting published, etc. On Tuesday evening (May 29, 2018), we will organize a joint workshop dinner for all participants as an opportunity to socialize and enjoy.

Hosting and Venue

The International QCA Summer Workshop will take place at the University of Wuppertal. The workshop is hosted jointly by the University of Wuppertal and the ETH Zurich. The workshop is part of the COMPASSS QCA Expert Seminar Series (

Conference Fees

There is no workshop fee and we will provide coffee, tea, and snacks during breaks. Participants should cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. We are happy to help find suitable accommodation.

For any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to your submission!

Download: CfA Int. QCA Summer Workshop 2018