Two Doctoral Courses: Introductory and Intermediate-Level QCA

The two Doctoral courses (May 22-23, 2019, Antwerp Management School) on introductory and intermediate QCA topics aim to provide focused training on QCA, its design, its procedures, its prospects and limits, and its practical applications to participants who are interested in a methodological tool that enables them to deal with complex causal patterns. The course is designed as a research training combining theoretical blocks with hands-on work to prepare participants to independently carry out a crisp set QCA, multi-value QCA or fuzzy set QCA and to understand the basic epistemological and analytical foundations of configurational methods.

For more information on the content of the courses, please consult the course outline:

Introductory level: Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Tought by: Benoit Rihoux and Lasse Cronquist

Intermediate level: Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Tought by: Carsten Schneider and Ioana-Elena (Nena) Oana

Further information on the doctoral courses is available on the course homepage