2nd International QCA Summer Workshops 2019

The 2nd International QCA Summer Workshops will take place in Antwerp (Belgium) on 22-24 May 2019. They will consist in a sequence of three workshops: (1) an Advanced applications workshop (22 May) in which users with at least intermediate-level knowledge of QCA receive more advanced feedback on their work-in-progress from QCA experts; (2) an invitation-only Expert workshop (23 May) gathering QCA experts and developers so as to make progress on some QCA innovation fronts; (3) a Paper development workshop (24 May) in which early-stage users receive expert guidance on their first QCA application.

Besides the three workshops: two parallel, two-day (22-23 May) modular doctoral courses will be offered: an Introduction to QCA doctoral course for participants with no prior QCA training, and an Intermediate-level QCA doctoral course for participants with some prior level of QCA training or practice. In addition, there will be a specific half-day session for consultants (23 May).

Local organizers: Bart Cambré (University of Antwerp), Benoît Rihoux (UCLouvain)

More information will be available very soon. For questions on the workshops, please contact Bart Cambré (University of Antwerp) or Benoît Rihoux (UCLouvain).